FAQ - HiTiles & Falcon

I want the HiTiles to improve my Falcon experience - what do I need?

First, buy the HiTiles texture pack and install it (HiTiles.exe, 81 MB). Then download the free installer for Falcon 4 and run that (HiTiles2Falcon4+.exe, 2 MB).

What versions and thatres of Falcon 4 does your installer support?

The installer for Falcon 4 supports the default Korea theatre of all versions based on SuperPAK3. This includes all versions of BMS, FreeFalcon and SuperPAK 3 and 4. (Not supported is RP5, as it is way outdated :-)

An installer for the Balkans is now available.

And what about the upcoming Falcon 4.0: Allied Force (F4AF)?

I haven't a clue. They way it looks, the terrain engine is the same, so there might be a HiTiles F4AF once I get a copy of it. No promises :-)

I was using your old freeware HiTiles before - anything to take care of?

No. Just install the new HiTiles package and then run the Falcon Installer as described above. It will overwrite the old ones.

I fly in an online virtual squadron - What about Multiplayer compatibility?

No problem. The HiTiles do not influence MP, so it doesn't matter if some teammates have the HiTiles and others not (of course, they all SHOULD have them :-).

After doing a Falcon 4 reinstall (a.k.a. "the dance"), how do I get my HiTiles back?

Re-run the Falcon Installer (HiTiles2Falcon4.exe). It will then re-install the HiTiles package that is still installed separately from when you did the initial setup of the HiTiles.exe.

What about your old HiTiles available from falcon.lovesignal.org/falcon.tomch.com?

While they are still available for free, they represent only a small and outdated subset of the HiTiles package on offer here. In addition, the installation process for the new package is much easier: Just buy the HiTiles (one download), then grab the free installer of your choice (e.g. for Falcon) from this website - then it's a simple installer click-through installation.

I'm still stuck and need support.

No problem. Write me an e-mail (hitiles AT tomch.com) or use the contact form to send me a message.
You can also use this for bug reports, customer quotes and any other feedback.

The HiTiles are (c)opyright 2002-2004 Thomas D. Wälti, Bern, Switzerland.
Falcon 4 is an intellectual property of Atari, Inc.