Wasting energy on Standby

We’ve heard it again and again – but do you know how much energy your equipment really uses when on standby? Or your computer when supposedly turned OFF?

I was indeed “shocked” to find out that both my desktops, a Shuttle XPC and a home-made Mini-ITX-based HTPC, each use more than 20W when TURNED OFF! I guess this is waste from the AC adapter and power for the USB – but… this is completely crazy. Over 24h, this is half a KWh. To stop the energy usage, I had to use an external power switch. However, this makes it impossible to automatically wake up the HTPC for recordings.
OTOH, my notebook only draws 3W when shut off.

Intel Integrated Graphics: Use CTRL-ALT-F1/F3 to switch between VGA and TV-Out

I recently built a small HTPC / Media Center PC for home use.
It uses a Commell LV-670m a P4 Mobile 2.2 GHz and comes with Intel 945GV integrated graphics including TV-Out (S-Video)

What nearly drove me crazy was the fact that only one video output (VGA or TV-Out) can be active. Once I had the machine on the TV using S-Video. When I later hooked it up to the CRT of my other computer (using VGA), the screen signal had gone. Only after HOURS did I find out that one had to switch beetween outputs using the system tray tool of the drivers – and that there are key combinations / keyboard shortcuts to switch between different outputs!

So for anybody else in despair:
CTRL-ALT-F1 activates the VGA out
CTRL-ALT-F2 activates ??? (probably the LVDS in my case)
CTRL-ALT-F3 activates the TV-out