[maemo] moreDimmingOptions

An easy way to add more options to the Settings/Screen menu in Maemo (OS2007/Bora and OS2008/Chinook). Simply launches an appropriate .sh script to add more options for screen dimming and blanking timeouts (10, 30, 60 minutes, 8 hours, 24 hours).

Uninstalling will restore the original values.

[Does not install any application anywhere!]


  • ArnimS et. al. for the original idea and gconf example (internettablettalk.com)
  • Khertan for PyPackager (khertan.net)’

Available for OS2007 and OS2008.


2 thoughts on “[maemo] moreDimmingOptions

  1. I installed it in OS2008 and it gives much more control over the brightness periods, but I was hoping for more different settings since the minimum setting is too bright for me. From your screenshot, it looks like you get more settings when running under 2007. Is it possible to get this in OS2008?

    Also, you suggest using this with “acMonitor”. Do you know if that is compatible with OS2008?

    Thanks — very handy!

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