I finally found the time to revive the old F4Weather tool, now completely rewritten, vastly improved and adopted to Falcon 4.0: Allied Force! Name has changed to WeatherAF, but the use is still the same:

  • Download, unpack anywhere, start the *.exe
  • Select a mission (, any *.cam, *.tac, *.trn)
  • Choose a weather pattern
  • Optional: Change wind, temperature and visibility parameters
  • Press [Apply] to insert this weather data into the selected mission
  • Launch F4AF and enjoy your mission.

Improvements in comparison to the old WeatherAF:

  • Complete rewrite in C# (.NET Runtime 1.1 needed), much faster data save
  • Data-based Radar and Cloud altitude preview (not .GIF-based anymore)
  • Optimized multi-line text handlng for pattern description
  • Support for visibility sliders
  • Easy-to-use converter mode to make your own weather data
  • New in Beta 2: Fullscreen kneemap preview (click cloud pattern image to activate)

New look…

The new UI

Just download the latest version (2010-03-27) and give it a try – In the worst case, it will have backuped your edited mission files in their original folder as *.bak.

PS: Should the included weather patterns bore you, grab an add-on pack of new clouds made by Cougar from FFW04 (Links goes to the Frugalsworld thread).

Licenced as freeware.

Full map weather preview, using theatre-specific kneemap.gif:

WeatherAF map overlay