Maemo – Nokia Internet Tablet

For me, the Nokia N800/N810 “Internet Tablet” are VERY nice gadgets – kind of a ultrasmall linux-based subnotebook. Excellent display, very good connectivity, open source OS and ready for every kind of software.

Check out the downloads at to get an idea about the available software and join the community at the ITT (“Internet Tablet Talk”) forums.

While I still believe that Linux is about too much choice, reinventing the weel and wasting your time :-), I really love the N8x0 (N800/N810) and it’s possibilites – which are pretty much unlimited. To get a glimpse on how I used my N800 while on holiday, check this blog entry. Other software that I installed since then includes MaemoMapper, OpenSSH server, VNC viewer.
I even got motivated enough by PyMaemo (the Python port) to try developping a little app myself: mClock, a large fullscreen clock for the N800, including a day/night world map. Other stuff is in the works; results can be found as subpages (such as moreDimmingOptions and a number of search plugins for the Internet Search Desktop Applet).

This in turn gave me access to the Nokia Developer Program – which furnished me with a Nokia N810 at a great discount. Thanks! This follow-up is even better than the N800. I love the improved screen, the modernized design and the inbuilt keyboard. Negatives are the slow startup of the GPS and the missing FM radio.