mClock is a fullscreen clock for the N800, including a day/night world map. Upon program load, the current season is calculated and the appropriate season background is loaded. You can also use D-Pad left/right to manually flip through the season backgrounds.
This is what the “small clock” mode looks like:

I’ve also added a power-waste mode to keep the device display turned on. D-Pad up activates this, and displays a red battery icon to warn you of the consequences… Unfortunately, this function might or might not work on your device: I had BIG problems with the osso.context and the D-BUS, and it doesn’t work on my device right now – however, it SHOULD :-) Glad from any feedback/fix from a more advanced developer!

Current status: Stable, version 0.4.0



  • Programmed in Python/PyMaemo.
  • Package made with PyPackager and PyGTKEditor by (Thanks again).
  • Earth images: NASA Earth Observatory / Blue Marble: Next Generation
  • Day/night terminator calculation derived from Java code by J. Giesen/GeoAstro
  • Uses
    • (c) Paul Schlyter, 1989, 1992. Released to the public domain by Paul Schlyter, December 1992
    • Direct conversion to Java: Sean Russell
    • Conversion to Python Class, 2002-03-21 Henrik Härkönen
    • Solar Altitude added by Miguel Tremblay 2005-01-16



  • fix bug of app not being displayed in task navigator
  • correctly display sun in eastern hemisphere
  • includes a large icon for finger-based navigation in TN
  • includes a package-icon


  • fix display problem with dates when displayed date includes unicode char (e.g. spanish “sab”)
  • optimize Hildon .desktop file to also include a comment (used by the desktop when working in Finger mode)
  • take advantage of the new feature in pypackager 0.5 to have a multiline package description
    -improved sun icon (instead of two circles drawn)

Roadmap:0.5.0: optimize behaviour when app not in foreground (stop screen updates to save power)


  • make app GTK-based to resolve naming issues in taks navigator
  • enable/disable sun display and persist this setting
  • save settings in INI instead of gconf for speeds sake
  • change poweron-mode to just keep display alight for 60 seconds once
  • fix accents bug

1.5.0: add GMT display, add Swatch @beat time display

2.0.0: include an invisible touch-enabled timezone map to quickly find the time at a certain location, perhaps also with a city map

3.0.0: include the original “M Clock” from Guido…

Additional screenshots: Big clock mode, live on the device.

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