Maemo Internet Search (MIS) plugins

The Nokia Internet Tablets include a handy “Internet Search Applet” on the desktop / home screen. By factory default, this applet includes Google and Wikipedia search.

However, the list of search engines can easily be expanded through plugins*. Simply click one of the links below to add the selected search engine to your Internet Tablet. After you have finished installing all desired plugins, you must disable/re-enable the Internet Search Applet in the Home menu to get the applet to reload the available search definitions.

Plugins created and hosted by me:

Major plugins created and hosted by others (no guarantees):

*For developers: by putting additional search engine definitions (one xml file per engine) into the /usr/share/mis folder (and adding logos for each search engine to the /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/hildon folder.

tabletSearch MIS plugin